How to make the best of data?

Data! Data everywhere! And of course, you are aware of it. But wait… how to make the best of it? It was the question that our client asked themselves and us. They wanted to get hold of more information about their business through better data management. It seemed that there was no available on the market system that could meet their expectations.
Let us explain the main model of our client’s workflow. They collaborate with one more corporation, which include orders and proceedings. They wanted to get quick access to distributed data, to communicate in inconvenient conditions, to get information about errors and to manage those all on one, easy platform. A lot of requirements and small amount of time. Challenge accepted! Ohh and one more thing – to collaborate with a big, tradition company that have never ever before work with design thinking and agile approaches.

Understanding is a key

We decided to get a closer look at our client’s everyday challenges. During the workshops we asked questions and explore our client’s structure and need’s. It helped us to better understand each other and to create the optimal solution.

Prototyping helps

Companies waste plenty of time and lots of money building and launching products nobody wants. We decided to test our product concept before investing heavily in product development. Having the concept, we needed to validate it with target customers. To make those validations effective, after laboratory tests, we decided to run a small-scale tests on a part of the target environment.

Thanks to positive test results in the target environment, client decided to continue collaboration with our organization! Kayon was chosen from group of several startups that proposed alternative solutions. Our partnership with client has led to a long-term relationship based on trust, quality and mutual comprehension.
Our solutions got positive feedback from board of directors and single out to further development. The analysis of gathered data will able to cost-effectiveness, lower wastage and better management of firm and it’s client’s resources.

Mateusz Liszewski

Radosław Potyraj

Paweł Kończal

Jerzy Rutkowski