Kayon is an IoT company
focused on solving complex challenges that matter.

We are true-born change makers who ignite positive change. We not only act for profits but more importantly we tackle real world issues.

Today’s technology is opening up endless new opportunities. We are eager to use them to make our planet even better, healthier and filled with solutions that empower both people and natural environment.

We create digital solutions for your business.
And we love challenges!

How much electricity does our device consume? How many products do we have? Nowadays everybody is talking about Data. But talking is not enough. Here at Kayon we help you to dig deep into your business, get to know the insights and make the best use of the fact that DATA is the key.

Imagine… Business under CONTROL. Yes, we are eager to help you create solutions that let you take control of office lighting, devices, temperature, production and other challanges.

While every project is different, in most cases we can help you innovate in four ways:

Case stories

We believe that tackling real problems we can change the world we know today. See how we work and transform insights into sustainable growth.

How to make the best of data?

Our approach

We believe that what we do is never as important as how we do it. We put people first and through all that we create, we are eager to ignite changes that matter.

We build authentic relationship with our clients. Together, we play with a focus: to meet business’ goals and make changes that matter.

We keep people at the center of our work. That approach fuels the creation of products at every stage. Cause… after all… we design solutions for people first.

We won’t accept mediocrity. Instead of that we will challenge the status quo, jump outside the box and go the extra mile with you.

The drive to make real changes is truly in our backbone. We create solutions that help people become more connected to our nature and respect it.

We are Digital Heroes

We believe in collaboration. We encourage and support each other. We also know for a fact that diversity is a key to innovation.

Bringing together diverse experiences and perspectives we can collaboratively take ambitious challenges and improving the world with appealing solutions.

And… you know what? Here at Kayon, you will meet a community of future makers, out-of-the-box thinkers, and what is really important – creative nice folks.

Radek Potyraj

Growing drives me. Everyday I’m eager for new challenges, new knowledge, new technology, new… something new! I love that this mindset is a part of my everyday work.

Radosław Potyraj

Paweł Kończal

I just like to do useful things.

Paweł Kończal

Mateusz Liszewski

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Mateusz Liszewski


I just love the feeling when you find the missing semicolon.

Kacper Czajkowski

Embedded Engineer
Maciej Godek

I perceive programming as a training in the discipline of thinking, and I am happy that my job constantly provides me with new opportunities for improvement in that area.

Maciej Godek

Senior Embedded Engineer
Jerzy Rutkowski

You never know when work turns into fun - especially in electronics, these are such a toys for adults.

Jerzy Rutkowski

Embedded Engineer
Robert Krauze

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

Robert Krauze

Embedded Engineer
Slawomior Raduszkiewicz

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

Sławomir Raduszkiewicz

Test Engineer

The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Przemysław Raczkowski

Test Engineer

What is it like to be an embedded engineer? Is it good? In my opinion it's not about being good or not good. If I were to say what I esteem the most in life, I would say - microcontrollers.

Grzegorz Orlicki

Test Engineer
Marysia Dymnicka

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Maria Dymnicka

Office Assistant

Want to join our team in Gdansk? We’re constantly looking for digital heroes. Reach us at rekrutacja@kayon.pl – maybe we have been waiting just for you.

We are currently looking for:

production support engineer
production workers
junior hardware engineer
embedded engineer / firmware developer
junior embedded engineer
test engineer

The courage and determination of few may change life of many. That’s why we’re here. As true-born change makers who ignite positive change, we tackle real world issues.

Radoslaw Potyraj, CEO

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